Helsinki, the capital of Finland is located in the southern part of Finland. On the shores of the Gulf of Finland right across from Estland’s capital Tallinn. The city also houses the Finnish Parliament and ministries. The city’s population is approximately 650,000 people, but if you include the surrounding residential areas around the city, the population count is over one million. Which adds up to almost 20% of the entire country’s residents.

The city of Helsinki was founded by the Swedish king Gustaaf I in 1550, to serve as a trade competitor for Tallinn. This did not turn out as planned and the settlement was claimed by Russia in 1809 before the Finnish decided to move the capital from western Turku to the centrally located Helsinki in 1912. This caused the city to grow rapidly and eventually led to the relocation of the Finnish University from Turku to Helsinki as well in 1827.

During the Second World War Helsinki was one of the very few cities to not be occupied by a foreign force. Although it did suffer bombings by the soviet forces.

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Helsinki helicopter flight

Airport Helsinki-Vantaa

An absolutely breathtaking way to behold the city and its surrounding highlights from above. The Helsinki helicopter flight will take you over fancy neighbourhoods, the archipelago, and natural forests that are hard to reach on foot during a shorter stay. Sit back, relax and sip a complimentary glass of champagne while you take in all the magnificent sights in a single flight and experience the best Helsinki has to offer. This tour is well-loved by the locals for the beautiful scenery, is available year-round and will leave you more time to explore the beautiful city itself.

30 minutes

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Helsinki archipelago sunset helicopter flight

Airport Helsinki-Vantaa

This spectacular sunset flight lets you enjoy the city and the Nordic view with its countless islands. To make the experience even more memorable, you can enjoy a complimentary glass of sparkling or other refreshments during the flight while you experience a view like no other. And if you are lucky, you may even be able to spot some seals along the way!

300 minutes

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Helsinki lighthouse helicopter flight

Airport Helsinki-Vantaa

The Bengtskär lighthouse. The tour itself takes around 45 minutes, which may not seem like a very long time but we assure you, it is plenty to leave you breathless. During this tour we will fly you out to the remote island, providing you with a stunning areal view of the Nordics when we pass the many islands and highlights of the archipelago before reaching the lighthouse. Like the Suomenlinna Fortress and Helsinki Cathedral. And if you are lucky you may even spot some wild seals that can often be found sunbathing on the rocks near the lighthouse.

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