Vuurboets Dune

Vuurboets Dune

The Vuurboetsduin is the dune on the island of Vlieland on which the lighthouse is located.

This dune is 42 meters high, making it the second-highest dune in the Netherlands. The lighthouse itself is only 16.8 meters high, but together they create a viewpoint over the island of no less than 54 meters high. That is only 1 meter lower than the highest lighthouse in the Netherlands, which stands on Ameland with a height of 55 meters.

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On the island of Vlieland, the wind and drifting sand create permanent dynamics. This is best seen on the south side of the Vliehors. Salt marshes and new dunes arise in the shelter of a few large drift dunes. Throughout the year there are sand drifts due to the wind, causing dunes to appear and disappear again. It never looks the same here. Be enchanted by the charm of this island!