Mudflat hiking

Mudflat hiking

Mudflat hiking, better-known ad wadlopen, is a unique and traditional Dutch activity.

A walk at low tide on the seabed where nothing is visible but mudflats and the reflection of the sky in a thin layer of water. Take the tour with a guide who will tell everything about the landscape and the UNESCO World Heritage of the Wadden Sea. Never do this without a guide, that can be life-threatening. When walking on the mudflats, small walking shrimp and other animals from the sea become visible, this walking buffet in turn attracts special birds such as the harrier, the osprey and the buzzard. A Wadden trip can be relatively short from an hour to half a day.

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The Wadden Sea is the only natural world UNESCO heritage site in the Netherlands and is on equal footing with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The area is an essential stopover on millions of birds’ migratory flyways. Fly with us along this unique nature reserve and discover the beautiful Wadden Islands.