Lighthouse Ameland

Lighthouse Ameland

The lighthouse of Ameland appeals to the imagination, its large red and white striped appearance speaks to anyone's imagination.

The lighthouse was designed by Quirinus Harder and was built by the Nering Bögel foundry in Deventer. The lighthouse of Ameland was built in 1880 of cast iron and is 55 meters high, these loose parts were shipped separately to the island and put together there. Since 2005, the tower is no longer used by the coast guard and the lighthouse keeper has been exchanged for an advanced camera system that monitors the coast day and night. Brave the climb of no less than 236 steps to the top to see a beautiful panoramic image of the area.

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The earliest signs for the emergence of the Wadden island of Ameland arose after the last ice age. The temperature rose, the ice caps melted, the sea level rose and for our environment, it mainly meant that the North Sea advanced towards our country. Ameland consists of three islands that have grown together. The islands were connected by the construction of drift dikes in the 19th century. Fly with us to this unique island!