Brandaris, the large lighthouse of Terschelling, is the most famous meeting place on this Dutch island,

which should not be missed during a visit. Brandaris is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the Netherlands and is named after the Sint Brandarius church. This church was built in 1323 and the tower of the church then served as a beacon for the ships that were on their way to Amsterdam via the Zuiderzee. Because the island of Terschelling slowly moved, this church tower eventually collapsed into the sea, and it was replaced by the current lighthouse in 1592. In 1837 this lighthouse was renovated to be the first Dutch lighthouse to be able to carry a rotating Fresnel lens. Which was replaced in 1920 by an electric lamp.

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Seals are not that hard to find around Terschelling. The beautiful nature, the clean water, the environment and the peace and quiet have a positive influence on the seals and therefore large seal colonies live off the coast. They laze a lot on the beach and on the sandbanks where they enjoy the sun. And with a bit of luck, porpoises can be spotted from the air (The smallest type of whale that has about the size of a dolphin). A good way to spot these animals is by plane!