Ameland Dunes

Ameland Dunes

Ameland is one of the islands on the north coast of the Netherlands,

which is characterized by a vast dune area over the entire length of the island. Ameland is considered a very old island where people have lived since the 8th century. Over the years, the sea has washed away large parts of the island and around 1800 there was nothing left of the dune arches behind which the small villages such as Sier and Oerd were located. A dike was built for this purpose so that the land on the south side of the dike could silt up, thus creating the current Ameland. Ameland is home to about 500 plant species and when the mudflats dry up due to the low tide, millions of birds around this island look for food on the open seabed.

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The earliest signs for the emergence of the Wadden island of Ameland arose after the last ice age. The temperature rose, the ice caps melted, the sea level rose and for our environment, it mainly meant that the North Sea advanced towards our country. Ameland consists of three islands that have grown together. The islands were connected by the construction of drift dikes in the 19th century. Fly with us to this unique island!