Harbour of Rotterdam

Harbour of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a metropolis that is home to the largest port in Europe.

This is due to its favourable location on the North Sea and the connection with the Meuse towards the rest of the Netherlands, but also Germany and beyond. The port of Rotterdam can be experienced by taking a walk along the water or by renting a bicycle like a real Dutch person. The best is, of course, to experience the harbour from the water. For this, various guided tours can be booked or take a harbour tour that goes through the container ports of the city in 75 minutes. In addition, the port of Rotterdam also has a lively club scene where there is more than enough entertainment all weekend long.

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A trip to Rotterdam isn't complete without viewing the biggest port of Europe from up in the air! See and experience the heart of this area and enjoy a flight over the city centre afterwards. This region is one of the most important engines driving the Dutch economy and defines the character of the city on the Maas river. Anyone who wants to truly experience Rotterdam has to embrace the port as well- and a good way to do this is by plane!