Reserva e Barra da Tijuca

Reserva e Barra da Tijuca

A beach that came streight out of a paradise postcard

This beach is often called a true heaven on earth, and it looks like it came straight from a paradise postcard. The incredibly blue waters and white sandy beaches are a sight to behold. And surprisingly enough, this place seems to be untouched by mass tourism. The beaches are clean and calm, there are no shops or restaurants apart from a few resorts along the coastline. So if you decide to spend a day leasing on this beautiful beach, make sure to either chick in one of the resorts or bring your beverages and food.

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Barra da Tijuca helicopter flight

HeliRio helipad

With this trip you’ll see Rio de Janeiro coast line like you’ve never seen it before! This flight offers incredible views and a unique perspective. After our take off we fly out over Recreio Beaches, Reserva e Barra da Tijuca, Golfe Olímpico, Joá e Joatinga, Pedra da Gávea and Parque Olímpico. Come fly with us and get bedazzled!