Recreio Beaches

Recreio Beaches

The calmer beaches of Rio

The Recreio Beaches aren’t as close to the city center as other beaches, leaving it rather empty in comparison. These beaches are usually pretty calm and quiet. Marking them the ideal spot to get away from crowds tourist places without losing the benefits. Recreio beach still has the comfortable amenities such as bars and entertainment and is loved by younger locals and tourists.

The area also offers shopping centers, a cinema, a skateboard park and several sites where you can play soccer or frisbee. It is also a great place to rent a bike and go for a bike ride in Rio.

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Barra da Tijuca helicopter flight

HeliRio helipad

With this trip you’ll see Rio de Janeiro coast line like you’ve never seen it before! This flight offers incredible views and a unique perspective. After our take off we fly out over Recreio Beaches, Reserva e Barra da Tijuca, Golfe Olímpico, Joá e Joatinga, Pedra da Gávea and Parque Olímpico. Come fly with us and get bedazzled!